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The Avenue, Tilba Tilba , NSW
Specialising in rare and unusual plants

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9am to 2pm – seven days a week.

Autumn Update | We’re open seven days a week with our autumn trading hours of 9am to 2pm. Keith.

Owners | Keith and Desiree
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    Australian Native Plants

    For more info + images of the new native plants in the nursery see our In the Nursery page or follow us on Instagram / Facebook for daily updates.

    'Red Coral' is a new hybrid ground cover grevillea which features a striking combination of bright red flowers, grey/green ferny foliage and attractive pale branchlets and flower buds. The flowers are very popular with birds and insects. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants
    We have the very popular Grevilla 'Peaches and Cream' back in stock this week. This hardy Grevillea hybrid features showy, bicoloured flowers almost all year round. The long flowering and neat habit (easily maintained with light pruning) make it a great choice as either a feature shrub or an attractive screening plant. Keith. #grevilleas #inthenursery #nativeplants
    Grevillea plurijuga 'Purple Haze' - stunning WA species now available as grafted plants in the east. New stock in the nursery this week. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #grevilleas
    Eremophila nivea 'Gubburra Bells' is a striking contrast-foliage native featuring a combination of soft grey leaves and mauve flowers. Grafted plants are long lived in local conditions and can be maintained with periodic tip pruning to encourage new growth. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #foliage #eremophila
    Anigozanthos ‘Yellow Gem’ is a robust kangaroo paw which features bright yellow flowers with a splash of red on long stems across spring and summer. A really good roo paw for cut flowers. Just starting to flower in the nursery at the moment. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #summer #kangaroopaws
    Grevillea rhyolitica x victoriae 'Ruby Jewel' flowering in the nursery. This hardy grevillea flowers throughout the warmer months and is very popular with birds in the garden. The flowers are similar to the popular 'Deua Flame' grevillea but the leaves are smaller and rounder and the plant is generally more compact (1m tall x 1.5m wide but can easily be pruned to smaller sizes). A great native option for low, informal hedging or screening or growing in a container. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #grevilleas #summer
    Scaevola 'Fairy Pink' flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #ozplants #summer #scaevola
    Anigozanthos rufus - stunning red/orange kangaroo paw. New stock of roo paws have just arrived in our native plants collection. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #spring #kangaroopaws #anigozanthos
    Grevillea 'Outback Sunrise' - just one of our large range of Grevillea currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #grevilleas #spring
    Boronia 'Purple Jared' - flowering in the nursery. Boronias are currently adding some classic native spring colour to the nursery. We have sevral forms of the beautiful B. heterophylla in stock, including ‘Magenta Stars’, plus the hybrid 'Purple Jared'. If you haven't had any luck with growing these aromatic natives in the past drop in for a chat about the best position, drainage and soil to keep them happy and flowering. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #boronia