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The Avenue, Tilba Tilba, NSW

The Avenue, Tilba Tilba , NSW
Specialising in rare and unusual plants

10am to 3pm – seven days a week.

Owners | Keith and Desiree
Phone | (02) 4473 7196


Australian Native Plants

For more info + images of the new native plants in the nursery see our In the Nursery page or follow us on Instagram / Facebook for daily updates.

We have a new batch of grafted eremophilas in the nursery this week - including the stunning 'Pink Pantha'! This new hybrid (E. glabra x E. nivea) features soft, grey foliage and bright pink flowers. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #eremophila #spring
We currently have a good collection of grafted flowering gums - (Corymbia / Eucalyptus ficifolia and hybrids) in the nursery - with some plants already starting to flower. Varieties in stock include 'Summer Red' (pictured), 'Summer Beauty' and 'Wild Fires'. These hardy, grafted plants put on a vibrant floral display in spring / summer and make a stunning feature in any garden. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #graftedgums #corymbia #eucalyptus
Kangaroo Paw 'Bush Elegance' flowering in the nursery - a great option for some instant late-winter native colour in the garden. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #kangaroopaws
Grevillea 'Crackles' - compact shrub with soft, green foliage and clusters of yellow/orange flowers throughout winter and spring. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants #winter #winterflower
Anigozanthos ‘Bush Tenacity’ - a compact kangaroo paw hybrid that features a showy combination of red flower stems and bright yellow flowers. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #nativeplants #inthenursey #kangaroopaws #winter #winterflowering
Bracteantha 'Mohave' - hardy native perennial with bright orange fliowers. Back in stock this week. Keith #inthenursey #nativeplants #flowers
Conostylis candicans features features cheery yellow flowers and soft blue/grey foliage from autumn through to the end of spring. They make a spectacular soft border or massed display when planted in numbers. Keith. #inthenursery #conostylis #ozplants #australianplants #nativeplants
Kangaroo Paws are a great native option for winter / spring colour in the garden. We have a big range of Paws (and Conostylis) in stock this weekend. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #kangaroooaws #winterflower
Grevillea lanigera ‘Mt Tamboritha” - hardy ground cover Grevillea with masses of flowers from autumn into winter. Just one of the winter flowering natives in stock this weekend. Keith. #nativeplants #grevilleas #inthenursey #winterflower