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    Australian Native Plants

    For more info + images of the new native plants in the nursery see our In the Nursery page or follow us on Instagram / Facebook for daily updates.

    Grevillea 'Loopy Loo' - showy native shrub with a long flowering period. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants #winter
    Epacris 'Bega' is a select form of E. impressa which is grows naturally just to the south of us around Bega, NSW. 'Bega' is regarded as one of the more reliable Epacris forms in cultivation and produces bright red flowers across autumn, winter and early spring. Like most Epacris, 'Bega' prefers a slightly sheltered position in the garden, excellent drainage and a cool root run (mulching can be beneficial). It can also be grown in a pot with native potting mix - which is a great option for maintaining the appropriate drainage and moisture levels the plant requires. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #winter #epacris
    Grevillea tenuiloba - beautiful / endangered WA species now available as grafted plants in the east. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants #winter #ozplants
    Grevillea 'Lollypops' is a stunning grafted grevillea which features sprays of raspberry coloured flowers for most of the year. Regular dead-heading of the finished flowers keeps the plant a compact shape (1.5m x 1.5m) and leads to more flowering. A very popular grev with bees and birds - grafted plants in the nursery are currently starting to bud. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants #graftedgrevilleas
    Anigozanthos 'Bush Ballad' flowering in the nursery - just one of the fresh new Kangaroo Paws in stock this week. Keith. #inthenursey #nativeplants #kangaroopaws #anigozanthos
    Anigozanthos ‘Bush Elegance’ - features masses of dark red flowers for long periods across the cooler months. Keith. #inthenursery #autumn #anigozanthos #kangaroopaw #nativeplants
    Grevillea lanigera 'Mt Tamboritha' is low-growing form of this hardy native shrub which features a long flowering period from early autumn through to late spring. Over winter it is a popular source of nectar for birds, bees and other insects. We have both 'Mt Tamboritha' and the similar 'Woolly Bear Hero' forms in stock this week. Keith #inthenursery #nativeplants  #grevilleas #autumn
    Croweas are starting to flower in many gardens as we head into autumn and are very popular with butterflies and bees. We have lots of autumn flowering native plants in the nursery at the moment - including a good range of Croweas. Keith. #autumn #nativeplants #inthenursery #croweas
    Anigozanthos ‘Bush Crystal’ - currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #kangaroopaws #nativeplants #inthenursery #anigozanthos
    New in the nursery this week is the rare/endangered Grevillea tenuiloba - a low growing WA species which features showy yellow/orange flowers for most of the year. Grafted plants have allowed this beautiful species - which is restricted to isolated populations in the wild - to be more widely grown in the east. Photos here are garden plants growing near Corunna. Grafted plants in stock are not flowering yet - but most are in bud. Limited numbers available so drop in this weekend to add one of these amazing grevs to your collection! Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants
    Conostylis candicans is a clumping native which features cheery yellow flowers and beautiful silver/grey foliage. Flowers are starting to emerge on garden plants now and will continue throughout autumn, winter and spring. They make a spectacular soft border or massed display when planted in numbers and are always popular with bees and butterflies in the garden. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #conostylis #conostyliscandicans
    Grevilleas are great option for winter colour in the garden - and are very popular with pollinators cross the cooler months! We currently have a range of winter-flowering varieties in the nursery - including the popular Grevillea 'Moonlight' which features large sprays of creamy white flowers for most of the year. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #grevilleas #bees