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The Avenue, Tilba Tilba, NSW

The Avenue, Tilba Tilba , NSW
Specialising in rare and unusual plants

Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 2pm.

Phone | (02) 4473 7196


    Australian Native Plants

    For more info + images of the new native plants in the nursery see our In the Nursery page or follow us on Instagram / Facebook for daily updates.

    ‘Alberys Red’ is an outstanding select form of the NSW Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) with a compact form and bright red flowers. Currently in stock and flowering - a great option for some instant Christmas colour in the garden! Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #summer
    Waratahs are starting to put on their colourful spring display in many local gardens - in particular the hybrid varieties developed by crossing the classic NSW waratah (Telopea speciosissima) with species from different areas to produce plants that are more adaptable to a range of conditions. Hybrids like ‘Corroboree’ (mongaensis x speciosissima) and 'Gembrook' (speciosissima x mongaensis) do particularly well in local conditions. So if you've had no luck growing the NSW waratah before then one of these hybrids may prove to be a hardier option in your exact conditions. We currently have a nice range of Waratah varieties in stock - drop in for a chat about which form might do well in your garden. Keith. #waratahs #nativeplants #news #inthenursery #spring
    'Bush Bonanza' Kanagaroo Paw starting to flower in the nursery. Kangaroo paws are a colourful addition to any garden and we have fresh stock in the nursery this week including compact varieties 'Bush Tenacity', 'Bush Bonanza', 'Bush Pearl' and 'Bush Dance' which can also be grown in a pot. Most plants are starting to flower now if you're after some instant colour in your garden. Keith.  #inthenursery #kangaroopaws #nativeplants
    Anigozanthos ‘Bush Tenacity’ is a compact kangaroo paw (only growing to 0.5m tall) which features stunning yellow/gold flowers on red stems. Like a lot of the smaller kangaroo paws 'Bush Tenacity' appreciates a well drained soil and is often grown in rockeries and raised beds for best results. Its compact habit also makes it a great option for a potted plant. We have new stock of ‘Bush Tenacity’ and several other compact roo paws in stock this week. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #kangaroopaws #winter
    Correa ‘Federation Belle’ is a hardy, compact (to 1.5m) native shrub which features pink/green bell shaped flowers across the colder months. Like most Correas it will take some part shade or full sun - and is very popular with birds in the garden. Can be tip pruned into an interesting informal hedge or grown in a pot or container if required. Also does well in coastal areas. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #correa #winter
    'Red Coral' is a new hybrid ground cover grevillea which features a striking combination of bright red flowers, grey/green ferny foliage and attractive pale branchlets and flower buds. The flowers are very popular with birds and insects. Currently flowering in the nursery. Keith. #inthenursery #grevilleas #nativeplants
    We have the very popular Grevilla 'Peaches and Cream' back in stock this week. This hardy Grevillea hybrid features showy, bicoloured flowers almost all year round. The long flowering and neat habit (easily maintained with light pruning) make it a great choice as either a feature shrub or an attractive screening plant. Keith. #grevilleas #inthenursery #nativeplants
    Grevillea plurijuga 'Purple Haze' - stunning WA species now available as grafted plants in the east. New stock in the nursery this week. Keith. #inthenursery #nativeplants #grevilleas